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Bringing Home A Rabbit: Supplies You’ll Need

Purchasing A Rabbit From A Pet Store

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If you’ve made the decision to get a rabbit, congratulations! Rabbits are super cute and fun to play with. These furry friends make a great addition to the family.

Before bringing home a rabbit, you’ll need to be prepared with the essential supplies that they will need.

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Why Every Homestead Should Have Meat Rabbits

New Zealand White Rabbits

I’ve been raising rabbits for some time now and I absolutely love them because they have so much to offer. Since they’re such a great addition to our lifestyle I’ve decided to compile a list of reasons why every homestead should have rabbits.

1. A Great Meat Source

Rabbit meat is lean and has a great flavor. For this reason alone backyard farmers love to have rabbits for growing their own meat. Rabbits are easy to cull (it doesn’t even require a bullet) and they can be processed and in your freezer within minutes. I initially started raising rabbits so my raw fed dogs could have more of a variety in their diet.

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5 Ways To Collect Rabbit Poop

rabbit poop collection

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

Bunnies are adorable – we can probably all agree on that.  But when it comes to raising these furry creatures, there’s nothing worse than having rabbit poop fly all over the place.

I’ve been raising rabbits for a few years now and have tried different methods to collect rabbit poop. I’m going to share those with you in just a bit.

rabbit poop collection

Facts About Rabbit Poop

First, let’s talk a little bit about the rabbit manure itself. One of the good things about rabbit manure is that they are pellets which are small in size, and perfectly round.  They’re dry and have little to no odor. Meaning that collecting rabbit poop isn’t as bad as dealing with manure from other animals.

Rabbit waste is a great fertilizer and can be used all over the garden. Many rabbit farmers actually sift the fur and hay out of their rabbit’s waste and sell it to gardeners.

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How To Clean A Dirt Floor Chicken Coop

chickens eat rabbit poop

I currently own 9 chickens – which makes keeping the odor under control an important task. I keep my birds on a dirt floor which requires regular maintenance.  A clean coop will not only keep odors down, but it will help ensure your chickens stay healthy.

Before I begin to tell you step by step how I clean my chicken coop, let’s talk for a second about square footage.  When it comes to how much room you give them, the bigger the better. If your animals are going to live their entire lives in a cage, the least we could do is make their home as big as possible for them. Having a large space will also allow you to have more time between your cleaning routines.

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Making a Passive Income With Affiliate Marketing

Business Man Making a Passive Income With Affiliate Links

Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links.

When I want to learn how to do something or gain more knowledge on a certain subject, I go straight to the internet.  When googling, “How to make a passive income,” you’ll be flooded with so many articles from writers telling you one method after another.

I have read so many articles about people that make a passive income using affiliate links.  I’ve used them here on this site before but can’t say I’ve made much money to brag about. But I know if I work more strategically at it, it can happen. That is my goal for this year.  If you want to take the journey with me, here is what I’ve learned so far.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing works by using links that your readers click on. The company that the link belongs to may pay you because that viewer clicked on the link and purchased one of their products.

Let’s use Amazon for example. Once you’re set up as an affiliate with Amazon you can link to certain products or pages.  So if I’m writing an article about dog food, and Stella and Chewy’s is my favorite, I can link the Stella and Chewy’s Amazon page in my article.  If a reader clicks on the link and orders Stella and Chewy’s on Amazon or any other product, then I will receive a certain percentage of the total of their order.

Also, affiliate links don’t have to just be within a text.  There can be a link within an image that you display on the sidebar or header of your website.

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Our Website Revamped

First and foremost I’d like to apologize to my readers.  Though there aren’t a lot of you out there I still feel like that needs to be said.  For several months now I’ve neglected this blog. But I’ve recently come to the decision that it’s time to start back with it.  I started it in 2017 in an effort to take some time out of my hectic life to stop and do some things that I love: write and talk about dogs. That love is still there and better than ever.

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An Explanation of Common Dog Registries

Registered Dog

With so many dog registries out there and so many initials, it can be overwhelming when figuring out which registry to choose for your new dog.

Why Register A Dog?

Why is it important to register your dog? Well, it’s totally up to you, as the owner, whether or not you choose to register your dog as well as what registry you choose to use.

Dogs that will be bred and their offspring sold should be registered so that ancestry can be recorded. Also, there are many sporting events, shows and other dog competitions that will require your pup to be registered in an approved registry in order for him or her to participate.

If you don’t plan on breeding or showing/competing your dog then you may opt-out to register him, which is just as well.

If you choose to register your dog, however, you will need to decide which registry to use. This decision can be a bit overwhelming if you haven’t had past experience with the process.

Some registries have better reputations than others. While other registries only accept certain dog breeds. In this article, I will list and explain three of the most popular dog registries in the United States which are the AKC, UKC, and CKC.

dog registry show dogs

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I Will Never Buy Another Bag of Kibble Again: A Raw Diet It Is

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links which means that if you purchase a product from one of these links, Fur the Love of Dog will receive a small commission from your purchase.  Thanks for supporting our blog.

raw feeding vs. kibble

Take a look at this picture.

Now imagine yourself as a furry four-legged dog.

A hungry, furry four-legged dog.

If you could only choose to eat the contents out of one of these bowls, which one would you choose?

Bowl 1: hard, dry, processed, grain filled, byproduct containing kibble


Bowl 2: fresh, fragrant, healthy, yet delicious, melt in your mouth, raw meat


Well, I would choose Bowl 2 of course.

And so would my dogs.

This is what they eat every day.

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Bone Broth for Dogs: Why and How

What is Bone Broth and What are the Benefits of Bone Broth?:

Bone broth is a healthy supplemental food topper or treat for dogs.  It contains many nutrients and minerals that dogs love and is very easy to make. It also goes a long way since the serving size is just two tablespoons of broth per every 20 pounds of body weight.

For dogs with digestive problems, it helps to maintain a healthy gut. Large holes in the lining of the intestine wall is called a leaking gut.  Bone broth is a gelatin that helps plug those holes, meaning, toxins won’t enter the body through those holes.

This power food supports a healthy immune system and contains glycine which detoxes the liver.

Bone broth also contains joint protecting compounds which include high levels of glucosamine, chondroitin and hyaluronic acid. It is also packed with good stuff like phosphorus, sulfur, magnesium, calcium, silicone.

How do you make bone broth?

Sure, you can buy bone broth premade but it is super easy to make in bulk and much more cost effective.

Here is what you will need.

Grocery List:

bones (jointy bones like chicken or pig feet and meaty bones like ribs or marrow bones)

4 garlic cloves, sliced (if you are not comfortable feeding your dog garlic then just leave it out)

4 tablespoons apple cider vinegar, raw and unfiltered

gelatin (if cubing)

Equipment List:

Crock Pot

Slotted Spoon


flat spoon

If storing in refrigerator:

large bowl with lid

If freezing in molds: (this is what I mostly do)

silicone molds

If cubing:

large pot

large pan


flexible spatula



If Freezing cubes:

cookie sheet (optional)

wax paper

gallon freezer ziploc bags

I usually collect bones and store them in freezer bags in the freezer of course, until I have enough to make a large pot. Chicken feet help produce a great amount of gelatin so they are a good choice when making bone broth.  Also, bone marrow bones work well to draw out all the goodness from the marrow.

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Shadow: Week 10 Featured Pet

Week 10 starts the third bracket in our contest.  This week we are featuring a two year old Labrador Retriever Redbone Coonhound mix named Shadow.


Shadow lives on a farm in Pennsylvania where he looks after all the other animals.  He can herd them in if they get loose.  Shadow looks after alpacas, goats, chickens, turkeys and ducks. He also lives with his canine brother Tank and other cats.  Shadow loves and gets along with all animals.


As far as humans go, Shadow’s favorite person is his Mommy Ashlee.  He loves to watch television with her and sleep with her on her bed.

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