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Bo and Tiny: Week 2 Featured Pet

Hello dog lovers!

fb_img_15153709454241209593878.jpgMy name is Bo.  I am an American Bully and I am two years old.

Meet my sister Tiny.  She is a six year old Chihuahua. Isn’t she the cutest?

I love to play and be active but my favorite toy is my deer antlers.  Ooh, and I have a tire that I love to play with too!



I enjoy going for rides with my dad. Especially when he takes me to work with him!

When Daddy eats, I lay my head on his lap, hoping he will drop some crumbs so I can slop them up

screenshot_20180107-193127554340832.jpgTiny is a pretty cool sister.  She’s laid back and likes to sleep a lot, especially, under the sun when it’s warm outside. But in the winter time we like to take naps together in front of the heater, so we can stay cozy.

Oh and when she eats, she’s so funny because she will bark at her food before she will eat it.  I’m not really sure why she does that, but it sure is funny to watch!

No matter what though I always make sure I look after my 3-pound Tiny.  I would never let anything happen to her.  I am her protector and I take my job very seriously.

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