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Bringing Home A Rabbit: Supplies You’ll Need

Purchasing A Rabbit From A Pet Store

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If you’ve made the decision to get a rabbit, congratulations! Rabbits are super cute and fun to play with. These furry friends make a great addition to the family.

Before bringing home a rabbit, you’ll need to be prepared with the essential supplies that they will need.

Girl with bunny


The first thing you’ll need before bring home a rabbit is crate or cage. This will be your bunnies home. You can make it as simple, or as elaborate, as you wish. Personally, I like wire cages so that my furry friend can look at his surroundings, and it helps with ventilation too.

I also like for the bottom to be made of wire so that their poop and pee can go through the bottom and be collected on a tray or bin under the cage. The holes on the bottom need to be small so that the rabbit can comfortably walk on it.

2.Cage Mat

Occasionally walking on the wire will cause a rabbit’s feet to be sore. Getting a cage mat for them to sit on will help them rest their feet. I prefer to use one like this because it’s plastic and can be easily rinsed if it gets dirty. Also, it has holes so that when the rabbit uses the bathroom it’ll go through.

3.Litter Box

If you prefer to have a cleaner method for collecting poop and pee then you might want to purchase a litter box before bringing home a rabbit. Rabbits tend to designate one area of their crate as their bathroom so teaching them to use a litter box is actually pretty simple. If this is the route you decide to take then you could use a crate that has a solid bottom.

Playing with bunny.


Though your bunny will love to play with you, there are times he’ll want his own space. Rabbits love to rest in a hideaway when they want some personal time. When it comes to buying them things like a laying mat, or a hideaway I try to stay away from ones that are made from hay. The reason for this is because my rabbits will tear them apart so quickly and it’s really a waste of money. So when choosing a hideaway, go for something durable.


A must have before bringing home a rabbit is a high-quality rabbit feed like this one.

6.Food Bin

The feed should be placed in a bin that the rabbit can easily access. I like to use one that hangs on the side of the crate because it doesn’t take away from their floor space. I also like for the feeder to have a mesh bottom so that the pellet dust can fall through.

7.Timothy Grass (Hay)

I buy first cut timothy grass for my buns because they love the flowerhead the best. Rabbits must have hay as a part of their diet so don’t neglect this.

8.Hay Feeder

Do yourself a favor and don’t buy every hay feeder on the market only to decide that none of them work. I have designed my own hay feeder for rabbits and it’s available for sale on my Etsy store. It’s cheap, holds a ton of hay, and the rabbits can easily access the grass without pulling out too much. While you’re at my shop be sure to check out my other listings.

9.Water Bottle

Your bun must always have access to drinking water. Find a dripless water bottle for rabbits is about as difficult as finding a functional hay feeder. However, lately, I’ve had some success with this bottle. The size of the bottle that comes with this is small but it’s compatible with most 20 oz soda bottles, which is what I use.

You may prefer to get your rabbit a bowl to drink out of. I use this product with some of my less messy rabbits. The bowl bottom is cool because one side can be used for water, and if you flip it, it can also dispense food.

10. Treats

Who doesn’t love a treat? Rabbits look forward to getting special goodies from the ones they love. When choosing treats for rabbits make sure that you always provide them with the healthiest ones available.

Treats for rabbits can be as simple as some freshly pulled grass from your yard, or a piece of fruit. I have a ton of homemade rabbit treats available for purchase in my Etsy store. I offer dehydrated oranges, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, okra, string beans, and more. Please go check them out. Before bringing home a rabbit you should stock up on treats to help you build a strong relationship with your new family member.

Girl with bunny

11. Toys

A bored rabbit is a destructive rabbit so be sure to provide plenty of activities for your bun. This includes giving them things to nibble on. If not, you can expect your bunny to chew its way out of its crate.

I save empty rolls of toilet paper, paper towels, and gift wrap. My rabbits love to chew them up.

Another great nibbling toy that I provide are natural pine cones. The bunnies love to chew off the ends. If you don’t have pine cones in your area you can purchase some from my Etsy store by clicking here.

The third thing I make sure that they always have is a toy that they can roll around. Whether it’s a cat ball with a bell, or an old pill bottle filled with little bells.

Be creative when it comes to providing toys for your bun. He’ll thank you for it.


Now that you have your shopping done it’s time to go get your new furry friend. Rabbits make awesome company. You’ll be lucky to own one so return the favor and make him feel lucky to have you.


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