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Horus and Wolken: Week 3 Featured Pet

Hello World! Meet Horus and Wolken. These sweet boys are our Week 3 Featured Pet.


Do you know what breed of dog Horus and Wolken are?

They are German Shepherds. Did you guys know that there were White German Shepherds? Aren’t they gorgeous?

Horus just turned six years old on New Year’s Eve.  Happy birthday Horus!

Wolken is the older brother, he will be eight in June.

They live in Northern Utah with Momma Arianne and their Daddy Scott.

These two are real blood brothers.  They have the same parents but are from different litters.  Isn’t that neat?

Scott, a.k.a. The Dog Dad, works from home teaching other dog owners the ins and outs of feeding their dogs a nutritious raw diet.

These pups love napping just about anywhere as long as Momma and Daddy are close by.


When they are ready to play, they love going to the park.

Horus prefers a rope as his toy of choice. While Wolken chooses to chase his basketball around.


If they are good boys they get their favorite treat; an All-Natural Rawhide Roll from Raw Feeding Miami.


These boys are very healthy German Shepherds.  Their dad puts a lot of love and attention in preparing their meals for them to ensure their diet is balanced and nutritious. Plus delicious! And they sure do love taste testing!


If you would like to learn how to feed your dog this awesome diet you can sign up for The Dog Dad’s Raw Feeding 101 Course where he will teach you everything you need to know to get started in ensuring your dog lives a long, healthy life.  So don’t delay, get the course today by clicking on this photo:

raw_fee (1)

Horus and Wolken are eligible to win prizes and money in the Fur the Love of Dog Featured Pet Contest. But in order for them to do so, they have to have your vote!

All you need to do to ensure that Horus and Wolken get your vote is go to the Fur the Love of Dog Facebook Page and Like their post!

Fur the Love of Dog people…it’s super easy and only takes a couple of seconds. So go on, vote for Horus and Wolken!

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A Note from Fur the Love of Dog

For the entire year of 2018 we will be featuring one pet per week and we will be giving away prizes and money to those pets that receive the most amount of likes on our Facebook page.

We will have monthly winners, quarterly winners, semi finalists and a 2018 grand prize winner!  If you want your dog to be featured and have a chance at one of the prizes, be sure to submit your entry by emailing us here:

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Horus and Wolken are in the running for this months $25 prize and they are up against Week 2: Bo and Tiny and Week 1: Kyra and Kashi.  Who will you vote for?  Go on, check them out and give your favorite one a Like.  Good luck to all our Featured Pets!

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