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Jazzy: Week 8 Featured Pet

Hello world!

My humans call me Jazzy.  I am an adorable ball of love. I am a spunky spirited Miniature Schnauzer. I was born on July 27, 2016.  I am looking forward to celebrating my second birthday later this year.

I live in South Georgia with my Mama, Daddy, Sister and Brother.

At my house, I rule the roost.  What Jazzy says, goes.  What Jazzy wants, Jazzy gets.

I love to relax on the couch with my Mama.  We snuggle and she rubs my belly. I am always happy as long as I am with her. I always have to be touching her. She is my favorite person in the whole world.

When we are outdoors I must protect her by barking and scaring away any suspicious looking humans or other animals that might mean harm to my Mama. I love and am very protective of her and my family.


My daddy is always taking my favorite blanket.  I try my hardest to get it back from him.  He grabs it so tight and won’t let go. He has such a strong grip!  Whenever we are pulling my blanket back and forth, he calls it Tug of War.  I don’t like it when he takes my blanket but it’s so satisfying when I manage to get it back from him.


I also love to play Hide and Seek outside with my sister Laura Beth.  Mama will hold me and Laura Beth goes to hide somewhere in the yard.  As soon as she tells me to go find her, Mama puts me down on the ground and I take off in search of Laura Beth.  Once I sniff her out I bark to let Mama know that I’ve found her!  We do this over and over again.  It’s my favorite game to play.  It is so much fun! Sometimes my brother Trent will even hide so I can go sniff him out!

My favorite treats are Pupperoni’s.  My humans give them to me when I Sit, Shake or Lay on their command.  Doing tricks for them seems to make them happy and I love getting a delicious snack.



I’m super excited to be the Week 8 Featured Pet in the Fur the Love of Dog Featured Pet Contest.  I would love to win money and/or prizes so please, please vote for me!

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