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Kyra and Kashi: Week 1 Featured Pet

Happy New Year Dog Lovers!!!

As stated in a previous post, for the entire year of 2018 we will be featuring one pet per week and we will be giving away prizes to those pets that receive the most amount of likes on our Facebook page.

We will have monthly winners, quarterly winners, semi finalists and a 2018 grand prize winner!  If you want your dog to be featured and have a chance at one of the prizes, be sure to submit your entry by emailing us here:

Or by messaging us on Facebook.


Okay, without further adieu, let’s introduce you to our Week 1 Featured Pet.

This week we are actually featuring a pair of dogs.

Meet Kyra, 4 and Kashi, 3. Aren’t they sweet?

Kashi and Kyra

These two were adopted from an Akita rescue in Virginia Beach.  They recently moved with their family to St. Mary’s, Georgia. They live with Mom, Sarah and Dad, Rick.  They also have two brothers: Julian, 15, Canon, 9; and Samantha, their sister who is 6.

Akitas are large breed dogs who were originally used for guarding royalty in Japan.  They are fearless, loyal and dedicated to their owners.

The Akita breed might sound familiar to you because the breed became famous when a true life story of an Akita named Hachi was featured in a movie staring Richard Gere.

In the movie, loyal Hachi waits patiently at the train station every day for his owner to return from work.

With Kashi, Kosh for short, it is no different.  He waits on the porch every day for Julian, age 15 to arrive home from school.

Watch this video to see how excited Kosh gets when Julian arrives home.

Both dogs love to sleep at the foot of the bed with their parents or in the room with the kids.

Kyra can do a funny trick! She responds to a finger gun point.  If you say “Bang, you’re dead,” you will witness her falling down, rolling over onto her back and raising all four paws in the air. How cute is that!?

She also loves giving kisses.  Here is a video of Kyra showing her love to her sister Samantha.

Both Kyra and Kashi love playing hide and seek with the kids and enjoy walks, hikes and camping.

Here’s one final video of these two good doggies receiving treats!

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