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Mack: Week 5 Featured Pet

Hello Dog Lovers!

My name is Mack! I am a 7 year old Labrador Golden Retriever.


I am so excited to be featured on the Fur the Love of Dog, Featured Pet: Dog of the Week Contest!

It is very nice to meet you.  I just love meeting new people!  I get so excited when someone comes over to visit me. Here is a picture of me with my cousin.

mack and nathaniel

I am an only child so I am a bit spoiled.

When my mom gets me bones I immediately go find the perfect spot in the yard to bury them.  There is nothing more satisfying than getting my nose and paws covered in fresh dirt and making sure my new toy is buried securely in the perfect spot.

Well, perhaps a bit more satisfying would be sniffing out something that’s buried but forgetting what it is.  The dig to uncover the mystery is such a thrilling ride. I have a ton of safe keeping spots in my yard so it’s a bit of challenge for me sometimes to remember exactly what is where.



When I am not digging around I love to relax on the porch and greet my mom when she gets home from work.

Sometimes I will go around and patrol the neighborhood to make sure everyone is okay.  I will chat and play with some of my fellow canine friends for a bit before being on my way.

Mom doesn’t worry much when I leave anymore, like she used to.  She knows where she can find me and that I am never far away.  She knows I will always come back to her.


Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker






Most of the time it’s just me and Mom.

I don’t get to see my dad as much.  He comes home from work on the weekends though and I make sure he always knows how much I missed him.



Oh, another cool thing about me is that I am bi-lingual.  Yup, I understand English and Spanish!

So, Fur the Love of Dog people…”¡Voten por mi!”  Haha.  That means, “Vote for me!” for those of you that don’t know Spanish.

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