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Kyra and Kashi: Week 1 Featured Pet

Happy New Year Dog Lovers!!!

As stated in a previous post, for the entire year of 2018 we will be featuring one pet per week and we will be giving away prizes to those pets that receive the most amount of likes on our Facebook page.

We will have monthly winners, quarterly winners, semi finalists and a 2018 grand prize winner!  If you want your dog to be featured and have a chance at one of the prizes, be sure to submit your entry by emailing us here:

Or by messaging us on Facebook.


Okay, without further adieu, let’s introduce you to our Week 1 Featured Pet.

This week we are actually featuring a pair of dogs.

Meet Kyra, 4 and Kashi, 3. Aren’t they sweet?

Kashi and Kyra

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Returning a Dog Gift

So today, the day after Christmas at 2:30 p.m. I read a post by my local animal shelter.  The post stated that they were ALREADY close to full capacity…not even one full day since Christmas…because people were steadily bringing in their Christmas presents to surrender them.

Cats and dogs alike.


It saddens me that people don’t take the time to think things through when getting a living thing as a gift for someone else.  Nor does the person receiving the gift take the time to even let the living thing grow on them, before deciding to give it up.

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Bring a Dog Home for Christmas

Is anyone getting a new pet for Christmas?

Many people, children especially, ask for puppies for Christmas. Puppies are so cute and so much fun to be around. Who doesn’t love a puppy right?

If you plan to get a puppy this Christmas, why not rescue one from your local animal shelter?

Shelters are often full of cute little puppies

Image may contain: one or more people and hat

It is important to remember though that puppies grow quickly and some get very big. They grow into dogs. They are not meant to be temporary. They are part of the family and should only come into homes that will be their furever home.

Unfortunately this is not the case for many animals because another thing that shelters are full of are dogs. Old, gray haired dogs that were given up by their owners.

These dogs often get overlooked by potential adopters at animal shelters. 

Folks, let’s keep in mind it’s Christmas time!

Let’s break the mold and adopt an older pet this Christmas! Old dogs still have a lot of love to offer and are still very capable of bonding with us and loving us unconditionally.

What a blessing it would be to an older dog for him to come home to a nice family and a warm bed this Christmas.

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Grieving Lost Pets At Christmas


Christmas time is here!

As Christmas approaches we tend to think of those loved ones that are no longer with us.
For some, those loved ones are humans with two legs but those of us that like our pets more than most people, tend to remember those loyal pets that we’ve lost.
It is okay to grieve at Christmas but honoring those whom we have lost is a great idea!
You could honor your pet by hanging an ornament on the Christmas tree in memory of them or you could place a photo of them in a festive frame. 

Merry Christmas everyone!

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