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Rusty: Week 7 Featured Pet

Hello World.  I’m Rusty!  I am a Labrador/Catahoula mix and I live on a farm!  My job is to protect the land, keep an eye on everything and make sure all things are running smoothly.  I am only 14 weeks old but I take my job very seriously.  

When it is time for my break I like to spend it with my canine buddy Rocky.  We like to wrestle each other.  When they get home from school, I love to greet my human brothers, Jay, 9 and Drew, 6, and play with them for a bit before getting back to work patrolling the farm.

I live for the outdoors.  I just love having the freedom to run around and enjoy the fresh air!

I love to eat, so I’m always listening out for Mama to call my name when it’s dinner time and I come running fast.  She likes to call me Russ Russ and she can call me anytime she wants, except of course when it’s bath time.  I don’t like taking a bath.  I don’t get why my humans always want to soak me with water and lather me up.  I like smelling like dirt.

Check out some more of my adorable pictures below.  Oh and don’t forget to vote for me!

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