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Shadow: Week 10 Featured Pet

Week 10 starts the third bracket in our contest.  This week we are featuring a two year old Labrador Retriever Redbone Coonhound mix named Shadow.


Shadow lives on a farm in Pennsylvania where he looks after all the other animals.  He can herd them in if they get loose.  Shadow looks after alpacas, goats, chickens, turkeys and ducks. He also lives with his canine brother Tank and other cats.  Shadow loves and gets along with all animals.


As far as humans go, Shadow’s favorite person is his Mommy Ashlee.  He loves to watch television with her and sleep with her on her bed.

His favorite toy is a tennis ball.

Shadow’s favorite time of  year is the summer.  He enjoys laying under the sun, going for a run, and taking walks in the warm weather.

Shadow can also do several tricks including sit, shake, down, stay, speak and pray.

He is very excited to be featured in our contest so go ahead and vote for him!

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A Note from Fur the Love of Dog:

Shadow is eligible to win prizes and money in the Fur the Love of Dog Featured Pet Contest. In order for him to do so, he has to have to have your vote!

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