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Making a Passive Income With Affiliate Marketing

Business Man Making a Passive Income With Affiliate Links

Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links.

When I want to learn how to do something or gain more knowledge on a certain subject, I go straight to the internet.  When googling, “How to make a passive income,” you’ll be flooded with so many articles from writers telling you one method after another.

I have read so many articles about people that make a passive income using affiliate links.  I’ve used them here on this site before but can’t say I’ve made much money to brag about. But I know if I work more strategically at it, it can happen. That is my goal for this year.  If you want to take the journey with me, here is what I’ve learned so far.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing works by using links that your readers click on. The company that the link belongs to may pay you because that viewer clicked on the link and purchased one of their products.

Let’s use Amazon for example. Once you’re set up as an affiliate with Amazon you can link to certain products or pages.  So if I’m writing an article about dog food, and Stella and Chewy’s is my favorite, I can link the Stella and Chewy’s Amazon page in my article.  If a reader clicks on the link and orders Stella and Chewy’s on Amazon or any other product, then I will receive a certain percentage of the total of their order.

Also, affiliate links don’t have to just be within a text.  There can be a link within an image that you display on the sidebar or header of your website.

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